The Roomies

An under-employed and over-indulgent misfit aims to turn his life around through sobriety and religion while moving into the least supportive environment for either: an apartment with his old high school friends and indie band The Entropy All-Stars.

Matt Rua (Quinn Allan) – an under-employed, over-indulgent, 20-something nothing—knows he’s no good. He knows that. How to change that is another matter. Charging blindly into sobriety, chastity and Christianity seemed like a good start. Moving in with his old high school friends Chase (Geno Romo) and Leland (Benjamin Farmer) of belligerent indie band The Entropy All-Stars? Probably less so. Matt finds himself drawing further away from his friends and closer to Chase’s girlfriend, Irene (Katie Mentesana), while new temptations fill the apartment and old resentments boil to the surface. And even as he struggles to hold onto his new ideals and grow out from his friends' image of him, he may already have doomed more than just his salvation by snubbing the wrong woman on his last night of debauchery.Featuring a cast loaded with up-and-coming Portland talent and set to an eclectic indie soundtrack, The Roomies is a bitterly comic drama about faith, friendship, love, hope and all that falling apart.


Quinn Allan as Matt Rua

Matt Rua

Born-again yesterday.

Matt has determined that he is not a good person. There seems to be enough evidence in his long and hazily-remembered history of delinquency and debauchery to support this conclusion. To remedy this, Matt's working his way toward sobriety and religion, two utterly foreign concepts for him but he's heard good things. The timing happens to coincide with his best friend from high school, Chase, inviting him to move in with him and another friend, Leland. It also happens to coincide with his father throwing him out on his ass. Funny how things work out.

Geno Romo as Chase Ulrich

Chase Ulrich

He's management material.

Chase is all about his business. He's so money and you will know he's so money because he will tell you he's so money, again and again. Entrepreneur, manager of the Entropy All-Stars and occasional canvasser, Chase knows that there's strength in numbers so he's bringing all his friends under one roof to make their dreams come true. How hard could it be?

Katie Mentesana as Irene Silvestri

Irene Silvestri

She was supposed to be the smart one.

Irene's always liked numbers more than people. People are great and all, they just don't make any sense. At least with numbers there were rules to learn. She would've been just fine plugging away at her Mathematics B.S. if Chase hadn't noticed her at her first big college party. She remembered him from high school (he was hard not to notice). He didn't remember her but she absolutely had his attention now. Since then her time's been split between her reliable world of numbers, adventures in Chase-land and wondering if this is what dating's like for everybody else.

Benjamin Farmer as Leland Barnes

Leland Barnes

At least he's trying.

Leland doesn't aim to be the most responsible person involved in any given situation. It just tends to work out that way whether he likes it or not. Photographer, artist, bass player for the Entropy All-Stars and hotel clerk, Leland's got just about enough on his plate. Moving in with his best friend/band manager Chase and Matt sounds like a good idea in theory. But nobody's ever doubted Chase's ability to make an idea sound good.

Carly Carcione as Evelyn Hall

Evelyn Hall

Accustomed to getting her way.

In Evelyn's world, everything and everybody is available on-demand. Most people don't seem to have a problem with this. It's rare when anything gets in the way of Evelyn's immediate gratification but when something does, she doesn't let it stay there for very long.